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Lilly Allen 'Simlish' Contest Winners Just Announced!

Attention all contestants, simlish fanatics, and Lily Allen fans, Lily Allen Announcement

The results for the The Sims 2 Simlish Recording Contest have been announced!

We asked you to sing the tune "Smile" by the increasingly popular and incredibly original (and super cute) Lily Allen. Except this SingShot contest had an interesting catch. You had to sing the song in "Simlish", a unique fictional language from the awesome Sims video games! A combination, according to some, to be of Ukrainian, a Phillipine dialect, and Navajo, you had to learn the words in this virtual tongue!

Needless to say, the entries were senseational, hilarious, and simply stunning! Out of the 110 performances, only two would be chosen by Lily Allen to win some fantastic recording gear or a chance to record at EA studios and win tickets to a Lily show! Here are our valiant Simlish singing Winners:

1st Place:

NessaBop 1st PlaceNessabop, you go girl! She won a chance to record a song in Simlish at the EA Studios in California, 4 tickets to a Lily Allen show and a copy of

The Sims™ 2 and The Sims™ 2 Seasons video game!

2nd Place:

Pagan Mist 2nd PlacePaganmist's performance was sizzling! She'll receive an iKaraoke machine and a copy of The Sims™ 2 and The Sims™ 2

Seasons video game!

A huge thank you for all participants! Your hard work and dedication to fun will never be forgotten!

02 April 2007 @ 01:04 pm

As many of you know, SingShot has just recently added Web-cam recording capabilities to your already rockin' Karaoke audio tracks.

Let the world see those adorable jowels quivering to a fancy bumpin' passionate recording. Be seen And heard. 

G'Luck Folks!

02 April 2007 @ 01:03 pm

Introducing OneClick© From SingShot


You can now upload recordings to your blog with just one click.


1. Choose Any of Your Recordings and Press Play

2. Click on "Post Recording to Blog" and fill out the form (shown here) to upload

3. Find Shameless Self-promotion a Good Thing.

SingShot Announces The Sims 2 Seasons Simlish Contest!

Sing Lilly Allen's Song "Smile" in The Sims very own language called Simlish and be entered for a chance to win some really terrific prizes.


Singing and smiling at the same time has never been easier!

22 February 2007 @ 04:34 pm

Embedding SingShot Recordings on LiveJournal :

1.Make a recording.
2.Save your recording (personalize).
3.Replay Your Recording.

4. Find the Embed Code Located on the right panel.
(Shown Here)

5.Paste it anywhere in your Livejournal blog!

*Eligibility for Prize Patrol is limited to US members only.
21 February 2007 @ 10:00 am
The moments meld into each other and in their intersection is found that purity, that gift of song, that explodes and pours into the listeners creating a future both old and new.
To All Fellow SingShot Members and Contestants,

The Winners for the "Your Shot To Sing With Otep" Contest have been announced after meticulous review from the band!

As far as Contests on SingShot go, this was the most brutal: Not only because Otep lashed out severely wicked licks that were flawlessly executed, but because the competition for this one was stiff. People held their breaths for a chance to be reviewed by their favorite band.

"Warhead" and "Ghostflowers" were very different songs. One was an overtly political aggressive performance. The other was about a past relationship and the pain that ensues afterwards. For a vocalist to be able to sing the soft parts with as much as ease as the grindcore pit growl is no doubt a vocal achievement.

Here's the Winner Breakdown:

1st Place:



Congrats to crazjess for her winning performance of "Warhead"!


She won a Shure SM58 vocal microphone plus a signed item from the current Ascension Tour!

2nd place:

Congratulations to bloodyrose for her performance of "Ghostflowers"!

She won a set of autographed Cd's from the band!

3rd place:


Congratulations to revolution for her performance of "Ghostflowers"!


She won two pieces of Otep merchandise!


A huge thanks to all who participated and congratulations to the winners!

23 January 2007 @ 03:02 pm






Myspace Add Us

Eligibility Limited to US Members Only.


Greetings to all headbangers, SingShotters, and Contestants!

Mudvayne Contest Image

The Winners of the Mudvayne "Shot in the Vayne"Contest have been announced today.

Harmonic screaming vocals. A surge of brutality and then a desperate plea . Then finishing up with a wicked finale. That is the trademark of the Mudvayne sound.

To recieve top honors for the "Shot in the Vayne", contestants had to replicate that sound without stumbling. Top honors did not just earn you respect amongst the SingShot community. You recieved prizes for your valiant win.

Heres the Winner Breakdown:

First Place Winner:

Congrats to dillberg for his precise and harrowing performance of "Happy?"!

He has won a Shure SM58 vocal microphone plus a signed item from a recent tour!

Second Place Winner:

Congrats to nexus2992 for his performance of "Happy?"!

He has won a set of autographed CD's from the band!

Third Place Winner:

Congrats to breakoftheedge for his performance of "Happy?"!

He has won 2 pieces of exlusive Mudvayne merchandise!

A Huge Thanks goes out to everyone who participated in this ferocious contest.

Sing On People!

Hello fellow SingShotters and Contest Participants,

The Barenekaed Ladies YouSing Video Contest Winner for the song"Wind it Up" has been announced!

We asked you to add your voice to the "Wind It Up" video off BNL's latest LP, "Barenaked Ladies Are Me". You tagged your recording "BNLContest" to enter for a chance to win a BNL autographed guitar!

The "Wind it Up" Video tells the story of former air guitar superstar Randy Van Stone. After enough cologne and practice in front of the mirror, Randy is ready to reclaim the title of air guitar champion. His comeback is bolstered by his totally cool 70s chops and blazing super fast guitar solo fingers.

We congratulate TheHYPO for his totally right-on vocals for "Wind it Up": the track that brought Randy Van Stone back to Air Guitar God status and gave TheHYPO a BNL autographed guitar.

We thank everyone who participated in voting and sumbitting their version for this epic video and contest!